I’m a demon, and you want to summon me. What six components are required for the ritual?


so, update: the thing everyone is coming at laverne for is for having read a letter from synthia, a trans woman convicted on a bunk rape charge

synthia was a member of the latin kings, and was sent to clean an apartment to help get rid of a body

she went there in a rush, and was still wearing a skirt while getting rid of the body

someone witneessed it happening, and saw synthia in a skirt, and decided to add on to her story, that synthia wasnt just cleaning the apartment, but had also raped and killed the girl

accusations of rape, and especially of pedophilia/being unsafe to be around children r EXTRMELY common accusations at trans women of color simply for existing

the witness changed their story a few times

synthias now in jail for a lot longer than she would be on just the original charge

and laverne is now being targeted for having read a letter from synthia

this is a very, very easy way for twefs to attack trans women of color, because they KNOW that most ppl wont bother to fact check, most ppl wont bother to read up on it, most ppl who nominally support trans women will hear that and go “oh no, well, just goes to show u cant trust celebrities”

ppl like to make out like laverne landing a role on a tv show means that trans women of color r somehow no longer oppressed as a class, but the fact is that laverne was getting shit for her role from the start, and ppl will take any excuse they can to point to her, and to point at synthia, gladly lap up bogus accusations and go “SEE! TRANS WOMEN OF COLOR R DANGEROUS PPL!”

dont fall for this shit

do research

fact check

spread the truth

dont let a smear campaign against trans women of color go unchecked


"can i ask you something?" my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief



can someone from the sports side of tumblr explain this


it is angry


sometimes i wanna rp but i know im just gunna be like


So let me get this straight: the Ferguson PD took the time to write an overly detailed, 18 page police report for the ALLEGED petty theft of $49 dollars worth of cigars, but they didn’t even fill out an incident report for Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown dead? A two page (mostly blank) report for a shooting death, and an 18 page report for cigars??? The Ferguson PD didn’t cover Mike Brown’s body, they left Mike Brown’s body out on the street for nearly four hours, they didn’t write a police report at the scene, they immediately launched a campaign to smear Mike Brown posthumously…does any of that sound even remotely legit?  

Let’s review:

1. the Ferguson police didn’t even full out the Mike Brown murder incident report until ten full days after the shooting

2. when they finally got around to filling out the police report, the ONLY info they completed was the name of the victim, the shooter, and the date they filled out the “report”. that’s it. that’s all


3. Missouri has a open “sunshine law” that requires them to make nearly any police reports publicly available immediately, so for over ten days they violated that law too

Ferguson is a perfect example of a sundown town, and from beating up innocent Black drivers, to repeatedly tear gassing and threatening unarmed protesters to routinely racially profiling and profiting off of Black drivers, Ferguson is showing over and over just how little they truly value Black lives

#Darren Wilson is a dirty cop #The Ferguson PD is corrupt #This is what a police coverup looks like


If…IF there’s even just one honest cop in the Ferguson PD, now is the time to step up



It was meant for studying muscles, BUT you can ttly tell that I was overly excited by new male models.





Man’s worst enemy

The Silent Battle


idk why everyone says “when pigs fly” when police helicopters are a thing that exist


h/t: Justin Baragona at PoliticusUSA


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all around me are familiar faces

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In December of 2012, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer.

The prognosis quickly turned from curable to terminal in a few short months. We’ve been through chemo and radiation, and two different major surgeries, and it’s all taking its toll. My mom hasn’t been able to work for two years, leaving my father to bear the brunt of our medical bills and general living costs. 

To quote my mom:

It’s a little embarrassing to ask, since we are luckier than many: we have health care and I’m pretty sure we’re not in danger of losing our house or anything. But we are definitely struggling due to co-pays, deductibles, the loss of my income, etc. I find myself wondering a lot about people who live in Africa or work at McDonald’s: what do they do when they get cancer? Who takes care of them? So if you’re not inclined to join my fundraiser, perhaps you could pick a cancer organization that helps the truly poor and send them some money.”

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