Adult pair of Boelen’s pythons (Morelia boeleni)

for real :( yuck is the nicest way to describe this situation

bunble replied to your post: “I HATE PEOPLE :))))) [[MOR]one of my coworkers had a really really…”:
bruh that sounds fucking scary. :///

yeah for real people like this are fuckin scary as hell when they dont get what they want 

but as soon as the reports are done theyre prooobably gonna go to jail that’s what im hoping bc restraining orders and shit arent gonna stop them


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Sorry I'm like diving deep into your video tag. this is gold. LMAO

when im upset i bury myself in that tag and it never fails to cheer me up. IM GLAD U LIKE IT TOO

i made a polyvore for lalit because i could

look at all the things i should draw him in

look at all the things i’ll never get around to drawing him in LMAO


This little guy was just strutting along the side of the road, couldn’t have cared less when we drove up beside him.


the language of the angels is a beautiful language indeed.


This makes me so happy


barefoot beach, florida



an artist is stranded on a desert island alone and decides to pass the time by drawing. less that a minute after they take out a sketchbook, one lone person washes up on the island and desperately says “oh my god you can draw can you draw me”

The artist now has food